What Are IV Bars in San Francisco?

IV bars: You’ve probably been hearing more about them but you might not be exactly sure what they are. Celebrities are raving about IV therapy, and you might be wondering, what’s all the fuss about?

Here’s what you need to know about IV bars in San Francisco.

IV Bars Provide Voluntary Intravenous Therapy

You likely know about intravenous therapy in the context of hospital or emergency care—a health professional sticks a needle into your vein that’s connected to a thin catheter. This tube allows you to receive fluids and medications directly to your bloodstream.

The process is similar at an IV bar but the process is voluntary. It doesn’t have to be deemed medically necessary. People go to an IV bar to receive a mixture of fluids, vitamins, minerals, and, sometimes, medications, to enhance their health and wellness rather than for strictly medical purposes. 

IV Bars to Treat a Variety of Symptoms

At the beginning, people primarily went to IV bars seeking a quick and effective hangover cure. Now, though, they’re being used by a wide variety of people with varying symptoms. 

IV bars have specially formulated IV bags with unique blends of vitamins and supplements to target specific health and wellness needs. Whether you’re looking to reduce cold and flu symptoms, recover from period cramps fast, fight fatigue or jet lag, or combat dehydration, there’s likely a treatment that fits your needs. There are even IV bags for beauty, immunity, addiction recovery, and enhanced athletic performance.

What You Can Get at an IV Bar?

Intravenous therapy is especially valuable when it comes to getting certain vitamins and supplements with poor bioavailability. This essentially means that you don’t absorb it well in pill form. Administering it intravenously, on the other hand, enables you to bypass the digestive system and go straight to the bloodstream for a better absorption rate.

Some of the most common vitamins, supplements, and medications you can get via IV therapy include:

  • B vitamins: Ideal for hangover recovery, boosting your immune system, and maintaining cardiovascular health
  • Vitamin B12: Helps you boost brain function, increase energy, and form red blood cells
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C): an antioxidant that’s good for immunity
  • Magnesium: Helps regulate your blood pressure
  • Glutathione: Known to slow down aging and may help prevent degenerative diseases
  • Zinc: Crucial to immunity and wound healing
  • Myers’ cocktail: A specific mixture of vitamins and minerals known to help with the symptoms of many disorders, including asthma, muscle spasms, fatigue, and fibromyalgia
  • Toradol: Used to treat moderate to severe pain, such as in the case of migraines, period cramps, or hangovers
  • Zofran: A medication that helps reduce nausea

Depending on the ingredients inside your IV bag and the hydration volume, the cost can range from $199 for simple hydration to $999 for NAD addiction therapy. 

Mobile IV Therapy Comes to You

IV therapy can help treat a variety of pains while helping you maintain your health and wellness. However, just like it can be a pain to go to your doctor’s office or a medical spa, it can be just as inconvenient to have to go to an IV bar to get treatment.

That’s why mobile IV therapy exists. You just book an appointment online, and an IV certified nurse comes to you to administer treatment in the comfort of your home. This is especially valuable if you’re doubled over with period cramps, hiding out with a killer migraine, or can’t get out of bed due to a bad hangover. Mobile IV therapy is a great alternative to IV bars in San Francisco. It offers all the same benefits plus mega-convenience. 

In the Bay Area and interested in trying IV therapy? Book an in-home mobile IV therapy session with Rejuv IV to see what all the hype is about.

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