Is Vitamin B Good for a Hangover?

That booze-fueled night of fun might seem like a good idea, but you’ll definitely be paying for it the next morning. 

When you drink too much, a lot happens in your body to cause that dreaded hangover. You become dehydrated because alcohol causes your body to excrete more urine and vitamins. Alcohol increases the production of stomach acids, which can cause nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Your blood sugar also falls when you drink, causing fatigue and weakness. Your blood vessels expand, too, which is why you’ll have that splitting headache the next morning. Plus, because alcohol prevents deeper stages of sleep, you’ll be left feeling unreasonably tired.

When all this is happening to your body when you drink, it’s no surprise you feel awful. The question is, what’s a fast hangover cure that can help you feel better STAT?

Vitamin B might be just what you need.

Vitamin B Is a Hangover Helper

There are many fake hangover cures out there, but B vitamins are actually known to reduce the symptoms of a hangover. There are eight B vitamins that are lost when you drink. Your body doesn’t store these vitamins, so you need to continuously ingest more.  

Why is this important? Because your body needs B vitamins to eliminate the alcohol from your body. B vitamins are responsible for many metabolic processes. The liver detox pathways, in particular, rely on B vitamins to detox effectively. The loss of these critical vitamins leads to much of the morning-after symptoms you feel during a hangover, increasing dizziness, fatigue, and memory loss. 

B Vitamin Supplements

Taking B-complex or B12 vitamin supplements before you drink and the next morning can reduce those horrible hangover symptoms. It takes longer for your brain to heal if it’s lacking B vitamins. 

The only trouble with swallowing a B vitamin supplement is that it isn’t so quick. A supplement takes time to be absorbed through the stomach, and during this process, you end up losing much of the nutrients. 

Food Sources of Vitamin B

You can also get B vitamins from food. 

  • B1 can be found in legumes, liver, pork, and peas. 
  • B2 is found in legumes, whole and enriched grains and milk, eggs, dark green vegetables, and liver.
  • B6 is also in pork, meats, whole grains, cereals, legumes, and leafy greens.
  • B12 is most commonly found in animal sources, including eggs, milk, meats, and shellfish.

However, just like supplements, eating foods rich in B vitamins can help improve your health but the digestive process slows down the effectiveness of this hangover cure.

Hangover + B Vitamin IV Drip

If you need a quick hangover cure (and who doesn’t?) then it’s probably best that you skip the supplement altogether. Instead, consider an in-home Hangover + B Vitamin IV drip. 

IV therapy is administered intravenously, so it goes straight to your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, unlike supplements. This means you get 100% absorption and almost immediate results. An IV drip also contains fluids to hydrate you and replenish the fluids you lost while drinking, so you’ll feel better, faster.

Bookmark the Rejuv IV booking page, so you can request an appointment immediately the next time you wake up with a brutal hangover. Better yet, book your appointment ahead of time as preparation! An IV certified nurse will come to you to administer your hangover IV. You’ll feel good as new in no time.

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