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Get the health and wellness benefits of IV hydration from the comfort of your own home with Rejuv IV’s mobile IV therapy

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35 Minutes

IV hydration therapy remedy for chronic dehydration, low energy during pregnancy and menopause

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Hangover + B Vitamins

35 Minutes

IV therapy for hangovers is the best hangover cure with B vitamins that’ll hydrate you quickly

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Myers' Cocktail

35 Minutes

The specially formulated Myers' Cocktail is great for fatigue, allergies, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and more

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Mobile IV Therapy Menu

We offer a range of in-home intravenous hydration and IV nutrient infusions with essential vitamins, fluids, and electrolytes to help improve your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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35 Minutes

Get rid of a headache or migraine fast with IV hydration therapy


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High Dose Glutathione

45 Minutes

A powerful antioxidant IV vitamin therapy to help your body fight disease and free radicals

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PMS Relief

35 Minutes

The best way to get rid of cramps, this specially formulated IV bag is a natural cramps remedy

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More treatments available

From detox and immunity to beauty and fitness recovery, explore all of Rejuv IV's available IV Treatments in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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IV Drip Detox

35 Minutes

The best at-home detox idea that hydrates your body and detoxifies your liver and lymphatic system

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icon representing detox and B vitamins

Detox + B Vitamins

35 Minutes

IV drip detox specially formulated with the addition of B vitamins to maintain good health

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Fitness Recovery

60 Minutes

Intravenous hydration for athletes looking for a competitive advantage and greater fitness recovery

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Beauty & Skin Glow

45 Minutes

Beauty IV drip full of vitamins and minerals to keep your hair, skin, and body healthy and glowing

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45 Minutes

Specially formulated IV vitamin hydration to strengthen your immune system fast

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Jet Lag

35 Minutes

With vitamin C, B-complex, zinc, and vitamin D3, this IV infusion will help you feel rejuvenated after long flights

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45 Minutes

Minimize your risk with an IV vitamin therapy that delivers all the vitamins and antioxidants you need directly to your cells

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icon representing NAD and IV drip 500mg

NAD+ IV Drip 500 mg

2 hours 45 Minutes

In-home NAD drip therapy with 500 mg to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms

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icon representing NAD and IV 1000mg

NAD+ IV 1,000 mg

4 hours 30 Minutes

Mobile NAD drip therapy with 1000 mg for individuals undergoing addiction recovery

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Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is a promising new treatment option for many conditions due to how it affects the brain and how quickly it starts working. From individual treatment sessions to group meditation, Rejuv IV offers various ketamine treatments in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Individual Ketamine Treatment

2 hours

Rejuv IV offers ketamine for treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions. After a short telemedicine visit, an experienced nurse will arrive at your location of choice to administer the sublingual treatment. 

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Ketamine Group

Group Ketamine-Infused Meditation Sessions

$249 per person
minimum of 4 people
3 hours

Book a group in-home ketamine-infused meditation session to enhance your mood, mental health, and wellness.

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Why Rejuv IV?

Rejuv IV is a mobile IV therapy clinic in San Francisco that offers a variety of IV drips in the comfort of your home to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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