5 Ways to Spoil Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Every day of the year, you give your all to your job, your family, your passions, and your responsibilities. Shouldn’t you get at least one day a year where you can spoil yourself and focus 100% on you, your wants, and your needs?

Make this Valentine’s Day the day you focus on your health and wellness. Here are some ways you can spoil yourself on this special day of love.

1. Take Yourself on a Date Night

Who says you need a significant other to have a date night? All you need is you! 

Want a relaxing night in? Order in a pizza, light some candles, and pick up a bottle of wine, then watch your favorite rom-coms. 

If you’re in need of some pampering, splurge on a new foot massager, some bath bombs, and fancy bubble bath. Create the perfect DIY spa day

2. Buy Yourself a Gift

There is absolutely no shame in buying your own jewelry, flowers, or anything else you want on Valentine’s Day. Whatever will make you happy, give yourself permission to splurge or even go on a shopping spree. You work hard, and you should be able to spend some of your hard-earned income on yourself every once in a while — not just bills, rent, and groceries. Do it without any guilt!

3. Do Absolutely Nothing

If you’re running yourself ragged with everyday responsibilities, then the best gift you can give yourself might be the option to do absolutely nothing. Better yet, do absolutely nothing while indulging yourself. Forget the laundry and the errands you need to run. Your diet doesn’t exist for one day! Set your phone to silent. Give yourself permission to nap all day, eat junk food, and lounge around without any guilt. It’ll be heavenly. 

4. Invest in a Hobby or Passion

Too often, we spend our days stressed out working and focusing on boring responsibilities. While necessary, these things aren’t what life is truly about. Commit to really living your life this Valentine’s Day by investing in a new hobby or passion you’ve always wanted to get into. Book a cooking or painting class, sign up for rock-climbing or skydiving lessons, or make today the day you start writing that book you’ve always wanted to write. 

5. Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness with IV Therapy

Let’s face it: Life can be pretty hard. It’s easy to let the hours fly by and the days run together until you realize that you’ve really been neglecting your health and wellness. 

When life gets tough, gift yourself the gift of wellness for Valentine’s Day with IV therapy. There’s a wide variety of IV vitamin drips to help you achieve the health and wellness benefits you’re seeking. If you want to have a whole bottle of wine without remorse, then book a Hangover + B Vitamin IV Drip for the next day. If you want to focus on your outward health, then consider the Beauty & Skin Glow IV bag to keep your hair, skin, and body healthy and glowing.

Got aches and pains, feel dehydrated, have a lack of energy or a lowered immune system? There’s a specially formulated IV drip for those symptoms, too. View our selection of specially formulated IV drips or book an appointment to get mobile IV therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area today. 

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